In Memory of Allan Cook

The Allan Cook Memorial

Allan Cook was a son, brother, husband, father, coach and friend; he was AMAZING at all of them! Allan passed away suddenly June 22, 2014, leaving behind four beautiful children Alyssa, Allan, Natalie, Caitlin and his wife Traci. He was very funny with an amazing smile and a laugh that was truly contagious. Allan was a strong believer in volunteering and gave his time to SAY soccer, Special Olympics and the National Canine Cancer foundation.

For over 10 years, Allan served as a coach for Ken-Sil Soccer. He started as a coach for his oldest daughter on the Passer team (ages 6-7) who is now in high school until she began to play for her school team. Instead of retiring his coaching whistle, Allan shifted his focus to coaching his son’s team, moving up with him through Kicker level (ages 12-13). Most recently, Allan shifted again to focus on helping his youngest daughters embrace a love of soccer by coaching for their teams as well.

Because of the passion Allan had in his heart for soccer, his children have turned his love into their own with the youngest of his three children remaining part of the Ken-Sil Soccer family.

How can I help?

Allan was only 35 years old when he passed and as the sole provider for his family, this tragedy hits especially hard. Every dollar helps and the Cook family is grateful for your love, prayers and support as they continue to travel down the long road of grief and mourning.

To make a donation to The Allan Cook Memorial
click here and donate online. Any funds raised will be used to directly benefit his widow, Traci and their four children.