Cincinnati East SAY has several administrative and player forms available for download. Some are customized specifically for our area. Others may be customized by District (school/neighborhoods) for their own use. All posted forms should be current as of the coming season.





SAY East Player Registration Form

Template for customization

Form #103 
"The Green Sheet"

Request for Players from Placement Pool

SAY Volunteer Application Form

Coaches and assistants

SAY East Job Descriptions

for volunteers

SAY Age Matrix

(link to PDF on

Seasonal Information

Seasonal Calendar

See Schedule Page


Team & Referee Fees (Updated Jan. 2018)

Referee Training  Free! No registration required. Just show up!    

Rules and Guides

SAY Soccer Rulebook

(link to PDF on

District Rep Guide

SAY East Referee Guide

Info and guide for refs

SAY East Behavior Guidelines

guidelines for all

SAY East Child Abuse Policy

guidelines for all

SAY East Passers Rules

for 6-sided games


SAY East Referee FAQs

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